Our Offer:

We have the equipment and ideas to make your special bubble event shine. Please contact us with your custom bubble tent ideas and get prices. If you are interested in transparent bubble tent rental please get back to us with more details.

Our standards:

  • flooring system- galvanized steel structure + OSB,
  • silent blowing system
  • high resistant superclear PVC 500µ,
  • galvanized and powder painted steel structure,
  • indoor/ outdoor use.

Variants of production:

Customization options



Add to your bubble tent a simple zipper tunnel or exlusive, aluminium rotating doors.



Blowers are adjusted to the size and shape of the bubble. We can also offer a heating or aircon system integrated with the blower.


Flooring system

Our portable flooring system is solid and easy to set up on uneven ground.


Transparent or opaque

Whole range of covers: from pure clear 360-view to partly shaded membranes. Watch the sunrise and sunset while maintaining comfort of the bedroom.



Set the interior with our help. We can provide you with furniture, lighting or SNOW FALL modules!


Water Ballast

Portable and mobile as possible. Use the bubble tent no matter where you are. With the water ballast system it is easy to relocate and use it with no worries.

Our Tents:

Snowglobe + banner


Price from: 12.500,00 EUR


  • ⌀3,2m,
  • high stage flooring (35cm.),
  • blowing system inside the floor structure,
  • silent and branded blower outside the bubble,
  • perfect for Christmas parties, store exhibition, dance performance, a stargazing evening,

Snowglobe + tunnel


Price from: 16.000,00 EUR


  • ⌀3,2m,
  • high stage flooring (35cm.),
  • blowing system hidden inside the floor structure,
  • additional upgrades: snow modules, rotating floor, fake fog etc.,
  • perfect for shopping malls, city events, performance venue, relaxation space, indoor/ outdoor use,
  • colour membrane of your choice – (inside floor + outside floor cover)


Bubble Tent with tunnel


Price from: 19.000,00 EUR


  • ⌀4m,
  • low flooring system (12cm),
  • blowing system outside the tent,
  • blower can be a heater or aircon as one
  • colour membrane of your choice ( outside floor cover).

Giant Bubble Tent


  • premium flooring system – galvanized steel structure & 21mm plywood
  • entrance tunnel for the smooth entering the dome
  • unhearable efficient blower outside the bubble 
  • high resistant clear PVC 0,7 mm